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Release date: August 4, 1972

Label: Motown

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  1. Ben
  2. Greatest Show On Earth
  3. People Make The World Go Round
  4. We’ve Got a Good Thing Going
  5. Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
  6. My Girl
  7. What Goes Around Comes Around
  8. In Our Small Way
  9. Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day
  10. You Can Cry on My Shoulder

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  1. Reynaldo says:

    c’est vrai L’hyste9rie des gens est quand meame impressionnante. Pire que les baleets. Apre8s, en tant que showman, MJ etait le meilleur mais niveau musique je prefe8re Pink Floyd ou Queen

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