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PLEASE BE AWARE that there are many fake songs on YouTube and various other outlets which are attributed to Michael but they are 1) by artists who sound like Michael, 2) done by Michael voice impersonators; and 3) “mix and match”, “splice and dice” re-cuts of Michael’s actual old recordings trying to make it sound like a new song or a demo.

The truth is that Michael never stopped creating.  Out of his 50 years he worked 45.  He notoriously over-recorded for all of his albums.  It is rumored that there were over 100 songs recorded for his “INVINCIBLE” album only and most of them did not make the final cut to the album.

There are hundreds of unreleased and unfinished songs in his vault.  Here is a list of known unreleased or demo items.

The songs listed below are authentic Michael original recordings:

  1. Xscape – released on XSCAPE posthumous album (2014)
  2. Slave to the Rhythm – released on XSCAPE posthumous album (2014)
  3. Fall Again
  4. Monkey Business
  5. On The Line
  6. Someone Put Your Hand Out
  7. Carousel
  8. We’ve Had Enough
  9. Beautiful Girl
  10. In the Back
  11. Cheater
  12. Someone in The Dark
  13. All In Your Name (duet with Barry Gibb) – released by B. Gibb (2010)
  14. We Are Here To Change the World – theme from “Captain Eo”
  15. Scared of the Moon
  16. The Man (duet with Paul McCartney) – released by P. McCartney on “Pipes of Peace” album
  17. Elizabeth I Love You (special birthday song for Elizabeth Taylor)
  18. There Must Be More to Life Than This (duet with Freddie Mercury) – scheduled to be released on a special Queen album
  19. Mind is the Magic (song written for Siegfried and Roy’s Las Vegas show)
  20. Nite Line
  21. Trouble
  22. Whatzupwitu (duet with Eddie Murphy)
  23. Why (with 3T)
  24. Lisa, It’s Your Birthday – song written for “The Simpsons” animated television series
  25. Opus None (Destiny Remix)
  26. Shout
  27. If You Don’t Love Me
  28. Don’t Be Messin’ Around – released posthumously on BAD [25th Anniversary]
  29. Serious Effect (featuring LL Cool J)
  30. If You Don’t Love Me
  31. I Am A Loser
  32. People of the World
  33. You Were There – unreleased song, performed live by Michael in 1989 at Shrine Auditorium for Sammy Davis Jr.
  34. She Got It
  35. Days in Gloucestershire
  36. To Satisfy You
  37. Work That Body
  38. I’ve Gotta Be Me (unreleased Jackson 5 song)
  39. After The Storm (unreleased Jackson 5 song
  40. Lavender Blue (unreleased Jackson 5 song)
  41. Coming Home (unreleased Jackson 5 song)
  42. I’m Glad It Rained (unreleased Jackson 5 song)
  43. Lulu (unreleased Jackson 5 song)
  44. You Ain’t Giving Me What I Want (unreleased Jackson 5 song)
  45. She Says What (unreleased Jackson 5 song)
  46. Turning Me Off
  47. Saturday Woman
  48. Chicago 1945
  49. Michael McKellar




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