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  • December 12, 2011 2:29 am

Feelin' Alright

Michael Jackson – The Jackson 5 – from ALBUM: Goin’ Back to Indiana (1971)

Written by Dave Mason

YouTube link – (Stand/Feelin’ Alright – Live Performance 1971)

YouTube link –  (Feelin’ Alright – Live Performance 1971)

Wikipedia link – “Feelin’ Alright” (song)


Seems I’ve Got To Have A Change Of Scene
Cause Every Night I Have The Strangest Dreams
Imprisoned By The Way It Could Have Been
Left Here On My Own Or So It Seems
I’ve Got To Leave Before I Start To Scream
Someone Locked The Door And Turned The Key

Feeling Alright
I’m Not Feeling Good Myself
Feeling Alright
I Don’t Have To Feel Alright
I’m Feeling Good Myself

Boy You Sure Took Me For A Ride
And Even Now I Sit And Wonder Why
That When I Think Of You I Stop Myself From Crying
I Just Can’t Waste My Time
I Must Keep Trying

I’ve Got To Stop Believing All Your Lies
Cause There’s Too Much To Do Before I Die


Don’t You Get To Lost In All I Say
But At The Time You Know
I Really Felt That Way
But That Was Then And Now You Know It’s Today
Lord I Can’t Escape I Guess I’m Here To Stay
Till Someone Comes Along To Take My Place
With A Different Name And A Different Face


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