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  • July 13, 2012 2:37 pm

Forever Came Today

Michael Jackson – The Jackson 5 – from the Album: Moving Violation (1975)

(Originally performed by The Supremes)

Written by Holland-Dozier-Holland


YouTube link: “Forever Came Today” (SoulTrain performance)

YouTube link: “Forever Came Today” (Carol Burnett Show – 1976 also includes intro song with Carol Burnett and the Jacksons)

(Ever, Forever, Ever, And Ever, And Ever)
(Ever, Forever, Ever, And Ever, And Ever)

There You Are
Standing There Reaching Out For Me
Something Warm In Your Eyes
That Touched My Heart
And All The Love I Never Knew
I Found In You

My World, My Life Was Standing Still
And You Touched My Hand
I Knew That We Had Laid A Plan
For Everlasting Love
I’ll Be Forever Dreaming Of

At Last, At Last
My Forever Came Today
When You Walked Into My Life
Made My Lonely Life A Paradise
It Came Today
Forever Came Today

Ooh, Look In My Eyes And See How Much I Want Ya
Feel My Touch
You Know How Much I Need Ya
I May Be Young, But I’m Old Enough To Know
Look At Me
I Will Never Let It Go
Let This Moment Thrill Me A Lifetime
Make It Last, Make It Last
Make It Last Forever


Ooh, My Darling Make Me Yours
As I Touch Your Face
Tell Me Love Has Led Me (Led Me)
To This Place
And Your Warm Embrace

Thanks To You
Thanks To You My Search Has Ended
And I Want The World To See
How Gently Love Has Shined On Me (Shined On Me)
With Everlasting Love (Everlasting Love)
That I Been Forever Dreaming Of


Ooh, You Give Me Love By The Hour
Ooh, You’re My Precious Little Flower
Girl You Give Me So Much Sweetness
Ooh, You Give My Life Completeness
Make It Last For More Than Just A Day
Make It Last For More Than Just An Hour
Make It Last Forever

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