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  • May 10, 2012 7:50 pm

Michael playing with yo-yo

Michael Jackson from ALBUM: “Hello World”

Recorded April – May 1973

Written by Richard Sherman and Robert Sherman

YouTube link: “If’N I Was God”



If’n I was God
Well just for spite
I wouldn’t set the sun at night
’til everyone was treated right
By everyone else they see

If’n I was God
I’d fix it so without explaining
Folks would know, they’d know
What’s going on inside
Of everyone else like me

Nobody hurt nobody else
Oh no I wouldn’t let it be

Nobody have a need to pray
Except for thanking me

If’n I were God
I’d make us wise
So everyone could realize
That everywhere beneath the sun
Everyone needs everyone

And God that in heaven what I would do
If’n I were you
If’n I was God
Love each other, reach out
And touch somebody’s hand

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