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  • March 27, 2013 3:38 pm

Michael in hat2

Written by Curtis Mayfield and Bobby Taylor

Recorded on February 12, 1970 during “ABC” recordings sessions (at Motown’s Hitsville Studio, Detroit, Michigan) – released on “I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters” in 2009

LISTEN:  04 Man’s Temptation

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khFMfQ9dLz4


Ooh, ooh.

One More Time To Test The Will Power Of Me (Will Power Of Me)
This Feeling That I Hold Now
Just Won’t Let Me Be (Let Me Be)
Oh, This Woman Won’t Leave Me Alone
She’s Trying To Ruin My Happy Home
With A Man’s Temptation, Yeah


Now I’ve Got Another Back Home
Who’s The Beat Of My Heart (Beat Of My Heart)
But I Never Thought No One Else
Could Ever Tear Us Apart (Tear Us Apart)
To Each Other We Have Been So True
Until A Love Came Along A Love Like You
With A Man’s Temptation

I Know I’ve Got To Be Strong
I’ve Got To Fight This All Along, Yeah
So Afraid For What I Must Do
I Got To Take My Woman Or You

I’ve Got A Feeling Telling Me
Let Your Heart Be Your Guide (Heart Be Your Guide)
But I Don’t Want To Lose Either One
Which Makes It Hard To Decide (Hard To Decide)
And Though My Mind Continues To Roam, Yeah
My Heart It Stays At Home
And Controls My Temptation, Yeah

I’m Sorry Little Miss (Ooh)
That’s The Way It Is

I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry I Can’t Stay (Ooh)

Must Be On My Way

Oh, Yeah

With A Man’s Temptation, Ooh

With A Man’s Temptation, Ooh


When A Man Meets A Pretty Woman

It’s Makes Him, Makes Him Wanna Shout Just A Little Bit Like This

Whoa, Yeah, Whoa, Yeah

With A Man’s Temptation, Yeah

Oh, Oooh-Hoo, Yeah

A Little Bit Louder, Yeah, Now


With A Man’s Temptation

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  1. Elaine Fletcher says:

    Hi! Thanks for putting up some of the lyrics for the “I want you back” album. Will you soon be putting up the lyrics for the rest of the album? Thanks!

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