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  • September 7, 2012 11:02 am

Since I lost My Baby

Track no. 8 (CD1) of Album: “Come and Get It: The Rare Pearls”  (THE JACKSON 5)

Lead singer: Jackie Jackson

Release date: August 28, 2012

Written by:  William Robinson (also recorded by Luther Vandross)

08 – Since I Lost My Baby


The sun is shining, there’s plenty of light
A new day is dawning, it’s sunny and bright (oh yea)
But after I’ve been crying all night
The sun is cold and the new day seems old
Since I lost my baby (since I lost my baby)
Oh since I lost my baby (since I lost my baby)

The birds are singing and the children are playing
There’s plenty of work and the bosses are paying
Not a sad word should a young heart be saying
But fun is a bore, and with money I’m poor

Since I lost my baby (since I lost my baby)
Oh, since I lost my baby (since I lost my baby)

Next time I’ll be kinder (next time I’ll be kinder)

Oh, won’t you please just help me find her (please won’t you help me)

Till I find her I’ll be kinder (till I find her I’ll be kinder)

Everyday I’m growing kinder to find her inclined to

Inclined to find my baby
I’m looking everywhere (baby)
Oh, I really really care, yeah

Oh, yeah

Determination is fading fast
Exploration is a thing of the past
I can’t see how my hope’s gonna last
Good things are bad and what’s happy is sad

Since I lost my baby (since I lost my baby)
Oh since I lost my baby (since I lost my baby)
I feel so sad I feel so bad, bad oh yeah

I’m lost in the feeling

I’m looking everywhere

Oooh, oh yeah

Oh baby I feel so sad


  1. Casper says:

    Who is singing lead vocals on this? Is it an early Jermaine track or is it Jackie? I’ve always wanted to find a recording of this since it was one of their audition pieces, but I think Michael was on lead vocals in the audition…would be nice to hear a clear recording with Michael on vocals, but whoever IS singing this version…WOW! I love it!!! Almost had to stop for a bit and see who changed CD;s on me at first listen, cos it just doesn’t sound like the J5 at first! Very different sound somehow… I love it! ALL these songs are absolute gems!!

    • erika says:

      I was wondering about that, too. I think it might be Jackie, although occasionally he sounds like Jermaine. It is definitely not Michael. I’ll see what I can dig up on the history of this. Thanks for the comment. Keep them coming, Casper.

  2. erica says:

    I agree. It’d be nice to find the version with Michael on lead as depicted on The Jacksons movie.

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