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  • December 26, 2011 6:49 am

December 25, 2011 - The Immortal Show, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

I saw “The Immortal Show” tonight at Las Vegas.  I know it will be for a while until my energy from the whole experience will settle down and I will actually go to sleep.  So why not do a summary then.

It was a very good show.

Was it amazing?  Hmm, not to me, but if you know me, you will also know that I’m fiercely protective of Michael’s musical legacy especially when it comes to the quality of the presentation of his music and how it is coming through to an audience in any show that attempts to pay tribute to him or just uses his music.  So when I have to consider all aspects, this was not an amazing show.  The word –  amazing – only would have sufficed if Michael had been there.

If you like Michael Jackson you will definitely leave entertained.  I shamelessly eavesdropped as the crowd was leaving and I listened in on people’s conversations.  I have not heard one comment from any person who did not like it.   People left still singing or humming and definitely pumped up.  The music together with the visual presentation indeed makes it a very enjoyable show.

If you are a die-hard Michael Jackson fan, you most likely will leave a bit heavy-hearted.  I’m beginning to think this show came out too fast too soon.  Those of us who adored Michael, his music, his dance, his performance, his energy, will walk away with an empty feeling … because Michael is missing from this show.   The memory of him is still too raw.  He MADE his music unique when he performed it and when he called the shots as to how it was being presented.  Using his voice recordings, his videos, pictures of him, adding dance imitators and props will not do the trick.   I so wanted him to come out at the end at least to take a bow.  He didn’t.  And that just reminded me of the sad reality.  He didn’t come out today and he will never come out any more to take a bow.

So what is “The Immortal Show”?  It is not a concert, but if you don’t like the music of Michael Jackson, you should not go to this show because that’s all they play.  It is not a coherent biopic story that will tell you about the life of Michael Jackson.  So, don’t expect a “from birth to death” biography of Michael Jackson.  There is no real story of this show.  If you want to see something that should have a story, this ain’t it.  It is not a usual Cirque de Soleil show either.  If you are pining for the usual spectacular, breath-taking “cirquish” acrobatics, you will be most likely disappointed because there are only a very few acrobatics in this two-hour performance.  On the other hand, those few acrobatics are breath-taking!

For casting, dancers definitely were more in need for this show than acrobats.  The dancers were talented, but, again, not Michael’s personal pick.  If you’ve seen “This is It” and the sequence when the dancers were auditioned and then watched the dancers actually picked by Michael for the tour, you will see a definite decline in quality.  Not trying to offend anyone, God bless all these talented people, but it’s the truth.  Michael’s little personal touch again was missing.

The music in its current format would be awesome.  I have the soundtrack and I love it.  Unfortunately, somebody who staged this production mistook quality for higher decibels.  This show was LOUD!  I couldn’t help but chuckle recalling the picture with the Jolie-Pitt kids covering their ears while watching this show a few weeks ago.  I wouldn’t mind the loud music because I love all the songs, but because of the overwhelming powerful loudspeakers, the quality of Michael’s performance suffers.  Since Michael was not there to compensate of technical glitches of loudspeakers, I couldn’t help getting irritated with the end result.  Michael’s real presence could come only through the music, his voice and the presentation of it, and this production did not do him justice.

From the deafening speakers, the lyrics were hard to understand, Michael’s voice occasionally drowned out because of the percussion and other instrumental music , and some of the songs (especially where Michael was narrating) had a weird, distorted almost “jacked-up” quality which made Michael’s voice completely unrecognizable and unfortunately ruined the song.  I also found that some of the songs were played at a faster speed which occasionally made it hard to sing along, again frustrating to hear, and it came out almost comical.

I liked Jamie King’s direction.  He knew Michael personally and it shows.  Of course, if you are not a Michael Jackson fan most of the personal touches will go unnoticed.  But I did appreciate a lot of it.  Still, Jamie, dear –  “Bubbles” has to go!  🙂   God bless that monkey.  Never liked him in real life but I know Michael found a lot of joy in having him.  Still, a dancer dressed up in monkey suit and dancing … we can certainly pass on that.

Do go and see “The Immortal Show.”  I was so proud of  Michael writing, producing and releasing all these great songs.  The hits just kept coming and coming.   You will be dancing in your seats and you will be fully and completely entertained.

Enjoy the music!  Just as Michael wanted it, just as he hoped for, just as he meant it and just as he did it.


  1. sara halvorsen says:

    Dear Erika

    So i read your coment on the show in Vegas. Had to drop a tear as you wrote the coment about Michael coming out at least to take a bow, course i know i would have felt the same way.
    It gives an emthy, sad feeling when we are reeminded of realety.

    He was uniq.

    In loving memory, only he can make me SPEECHLESS


  2. Kaci Boleratzky says:

    Dear E:

    I’m glad you “kind of” liked the show. I also was “letting go” of a few tears when you wrote about Michael taking a bow! I truly LOVE your love and passion for your beloved!!! There is no doubt that Michael would have loved you as much as I love you!!! <3 <3 <3

    I love you! xoxo

    P.S. See you soon!

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