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Katherine Esther Scruse (also spelled Screws) – mother of Michael.

Joseph Walter Jackson – father of Michael.

  • Had his own music band called “The Falcons” and they played in the Gary, Indiana area.

Martha Upshaw and Prince Albert Screws – Maternal grandparents of Michael.  Michael named both his sons after his maternal grandfather.  The name Prince has gone back in the family for multi-generations.

Crystal Lee King and Samuel Jackson – Paternal grandparents of Michael.

Maureen Reillette (“Rebbie”) Jackson –  eldest sister of Michael.

LaToya Yvonne Jackson – middle sister of Michael.

Janet Damita Jo Jackson – youngest sister of Michael.

Sigmund Esco (“Jackie”) Jackson – eldest brother of Michael.

Toriano Adaryll (“Tito”) Jackson – second brother of Michael.

Jermaine La Jaune Jackson – third brother of Michael.

Marlon David Jackson – fourth brother of Michael.

Brandon Jackson.  Marlon Jackson’s twin brother, died shortly after birth.

Steven Randall (“Randy”) Jackson – youngest (fifth) brother of Michael.

Joh’Vonnie Jackson – half-sister of Michael.  A daughter of Joe Jackson from another relationship.

  • Michael met her only a few times.  Joh’Vonnie thought all the Jackson siblings were “snubbing” her, including Michael who only showed affection and interest in Joh’Vonnie’s child(ren) when they met.
  • Michael spoke of Joh’Vonnie candidly in the “Glenda” tapes. He sounds bitter and disappointed  after seeing that his father showed more love and affection to Joh’Vonnie (hugging and kissing her) than to any of the other Jackson children.

Prince Michael Jackson – Michael’s first born son.  Date of birth February 13, 1997.

Paris Jackson – Michael’s only daughter.  Date of birth April 3, 1998.

Prince Michael Jackson, II – Michael’s second son.  Date of birth February 21, 2002.  He was born in a La Mesa/San Diego hospital.

  • Blanket” is a nickname Michael gave to his youngest son.  After Michael’s death everyone started referring to Blanket by his nickname.

Michael’s children’s faces were first seen publicly only after his death, most notably at Michael’s memorial on July 7, 2009.  Up until that point, their faces were covered or masked when they went out to public with their father in order to keep their privacy and identity protected.

Brandon Howard (aka. B. Howard) – Date of birth April 2, 1981.

  • Media reports surfaced in 2014, and several DNA tests seem to prove that Michael might be the biological father of Brandon Howard.  Brandon’s mother is Miki Howard.
  • Miki Howard was managed by Joe Jackson and had business association with Jermaine as well at the time Brandon was born.
  • Miki Howard denies that Michael Jackson is Brandon’s father.  Brandon states that he has made no claims (nor is he intending) to any of Michael’s estate.

Lisa-Marie Presley – first wife of Michael, daughter of Elvis Presley.

  • Michael first met Lisa-Marie at one of the Jackson 5 concerts in Las Vegas which she attended at the age of 7.
  • They got married at the Dominican Republic in 1994.  Michael stated in many interviews that their marriage ended mainly because of Lisa-Marie’s resistance to start a family with Michael.  Even though Lisa-Marie filed for divorce, she had a change of heart and wanted to get back together with Michael.  She claims they had another four years of on-and-off relationship.
  • She claimed Michael’s favorite flowers were sunflowers which he called “happy flowers.”
  • Michael’s nickname/pet name used by Lisa-Marie was “Turd.”

Debbie Rowe  – second wife of Michael, and the natural mother of Michael’s first two children.

  • Debbie worked for Michael’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, and treated Michael as a nurse for many years.
  • Debbie Rowe often referred to Michael as “Omar,” which was one of the pseudonyms Michael used as a patient for Dr. Klein to protect his privacy.

Berry Gordy – musician, mentor, friend and Motown executive.  Was instrumental in launching the Jackson 5.

  • Michael viewed him as a father figure and a mentor.
  • One of Gordy’s sons, Rockwell (born Kennedy William Gordy) did a duet with Michael (with Jermaine singing background vocals) entitled “Somebody’s Watching Me.”

Diana Ross– personal friend and mentor.  For publicity, Motown heavily advertised that the Jackson 5 was discovered by Diana Ross.  This was not true, but Diana did have a huge impact on Michael’s life.  When the boys moved to California with Joe to start recording with Motown, Michael stayed for a month at Diana Ross’s house until suitable housing was found for the entire family.

  • Michael idolized Diana all his life and admittedly had a huge crush on Diana.  Michael gave credit to Diana Ross for introducing him to arts, paintings and museums.
  • In his Will, Michael named Diana Ross as secondary guardian in case his mother (the first appointed guardian) could not raise his three children.

Suzanna DePasse –  former assistant to Berry Gordy and chaperon for the Jackson 5.  Her nickname for Michael was “Casper.”

Deke Richards – Motown song writer.  Has collaborated with The Jackson 5 from their very first recordings including releasing their first-ever single “I Want You Back,” and their first three albums.

R. Kelly – singer and song writer.  Wrote the song “You Are Not Alone” for Michael.  Also co-wrote the song “Cry.”

  • Michael called him “Rob” (which is R. Kelly’s first name).

Elizabeth Taylor – long-time personal friend.

  • The first time they were to meet was at one of Michael’s concerts.  Elizabeth was invited to attend the concert and then was to meet Michael afterwards.  Taylor did show up for the concert but she did not like the seats she was given and she left in the middle of the concert.  When Michael heard that Elizabeth left his concert he was in tears.  He called Taylor on the phone and begged her to give him another chance to get together.  She did.
  • Once Michael invited Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross to dinner at the same time.  He adored both women and innocently thought that the ladies would be delighted to meet each other.  Both women were offended that they had to “share” Michael’s company.  Michael was a fast learner; he never invited a second “date” ever again at any time when he had dinner or time together with either Elizabeth or Diana.
  • Elizabeth Taylor gave the moniker “King of Pop” to Michael at an award show.
  • Elizabeth Taylor gifted an elephant (called “Gypsy“) to Michael.

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Macaulay Culkin – personal friend.  They met after Culkin appeared in the 1990 movie “Home Alone.”  Their friendship lasted until Michael’s death.

  • Culkin appeared in the “Black or White” video.
  • Macaulay is the godfather of  Michael’s first-born, Prince, and his daughter, Paris.

John Branca – entertainment attorney.

  • Was instrumental in the production and release of the music video “Thriller” including preventing Michael from destroying the short film despite the urge of Jehovah’s Witness elders.
  • In 1985, Branca helped Michael to purchase the ATV Music Publishing catalog.  Branca’s negotiations resulted in a purchase of the famed music catalog (which includes most of the Beatles songs) for $47.5 million by Michael with Yoko Ono’s blessing but a falling out with Paul McCartney.
  • Following the instructions of Michael’s Last Will and Testament signed in 2002, Branca now serves as the appointed co-executor (along with John McClain) of Michael’s estate.

Frank DiLeo – manager.  Frank managed Michael in the late 1980’s and after a hiatus, he resumed Michael’s representation shortly before Michael’s untimely death.

  • His nickname for Michael was “Kid.”
  • Frank DiLeo was to testify at the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial, but died unexpectedly on August 24, 2011.

Bill Bray – retired LAPD officer and long-time personal bodyguard of Michael from the Jackson 5 era through all of Michael’s solo tours.  His nickname for Michael was “Joker” (because of all the practical jokes Michael liked to play).  Bill Bray died in 2005.  Michael was later criticized in the press for not being more accessible to Bill at the time of his death; however, Michael was living in Bahrain on a self-imposed exile right after his acquittal on the 2005 child molestation trial.

Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard – Bodyguards to Michael in his later years of his life.

  • Wrote and released a book in June 2014, entitled “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days”.
  • According to them, Michael had two secret girlfriends whom she only referred to as “Flower” and “Friend” to keep their identities a secret from the public.
  • After his 2005 criminal trial, Michael would not watch cable TV or live broadcast.
  • He read The Wall Street Journal every morning which was unlikely to post tabloid rumors about him.
  • To unwind, he would play basketball out in the driveway by himself.
  • He only listened to classical music both in his car and his house.
  • Michael always had large sums of cash at home, but he had such bad credit scores that he got rejected by a store to purchase iPhones for himself and his mother.
  • Michael was very extremely protective of his children.  He regularly had his own residence, hotel rooms and other places he would stay checked for “bugs” (e.g., secret recording devices)

Karen Faye – makeup artist.  She worked with Michael for three decades.

  • Michael’s nickname for Karen was “Turkle.”
  • Karen was asked and she accepted to do Michael’s makeup just the way he always liked it on the day of his funeral on September 3, 2009, so that his family could have a final look at him.
  • She testified and was on the witness stand for several days at the AEG civil lawsuit trial brought on by Katherine Jackson in 2013.

David Geffen – personal friend and business partner.  Michael was hoping to start a film company with David Geffen and Steven Spielberg, but they ultimately formed a company – DreamWorks SKG – without Michael.  Rumor has it that Michael was disappointed not only for being left out, but because DreamWorks SKG used a company logo very similar to the one that was designed years before for Michael for his Neverland property (a young boy sitting on the moon while fishing).

David Gest – long time personal friend going back to the Jackson 5 era.  In 2002, he married Liza Minnelli at Neverland Ranch with Michael serving as best man.  Their marriage ended with a very acrimonious divorce in 2007.

  • Gest has used the same plastic surgeon –  Dr. Steven Hoefflin – as Michael (at one time even accusing Michael of “bullying” him into having multiple surgeries).

James Brown – musician, life-time inspiration and idol of Michael.  Michael’s mother used to wake him up in the middle of the night if James Brown was on TV.  The Jackson 5 often played the same venue with James Brown and Michael watched Brown from backstage perform every chance he got.  He learned all of Brown’s moves by closely watching him and then imitating him, practicing at home.

  • Michael usually never gave away awards at any shows, but he did give the lifetime achievement BET award to James Brown in 2003.
  • He also attended James Brown’s funeral in 2006.
  • He personally arranged James Brown’s hair as he was lying in the casket before his funeral.

Jackie Wilson – musician, life-time inspiration of Michael.  In 1984, the year Wilson died, Michael dedicated his Album of the Year award for “Thriller” to Jackie Wilson.

Quincy Jones – musician, personal friend and long-time collaborator.   Produced Michael’s two albums “Off The Wall” and “Thriller.”

  • They first met at Berry Gordy’s house when Michael was around 11 years old.  Later, they met again on the set of the motion picture “The Wiz,” which Quincy co-produced.
  • Quincy recalls teaching Michael the correct pronunciation of Socrates, which was part of the script of “The Wiz.”
  • After finishing work on “The Wiz,” Michael asked Quincy for a recommendation for a producer for his new album “Off The Wall.”  Quincy did not recommend anyone, but rather took the job himself.
  • Quincy’s nickname for Michael was “Smelly” (because he could always smell a good deal).
  • Their professional collaboration ended before Michael started working on his “Bad” album.  It has also been reported that Michael began to feel Quincy was too possessive, while Quincy believed Michael was becoming too demanding.  In reality, Michael, who was a perfectionist and forever intent on overdoing himself, probably felt he needed to make a change in order to remain creative yet original wanting to explore new sounds and different styles.
  • Another disagreement between Michael and Quincy was that Michael believed rap music was going to fade away whereas Quincy insisted that it would stay.

Rod Temperton – musician, long time collaborator.  Wrote hits for Michael such as “Thriller,” “Off The Wall,” “Baby Be Mine,” “The Lady In My Life” and “Rock With You.”

Bruce Swedien – musical engineer, long time collaborator.   Primary sound engineer for Michael from 1978 to 2001.

Brad Sundberg — musical engineer and technical director for over 18 years.

Seth Riggsvocal coach of Michael.

Lionel Ritchie – musician, personal friend.  Michael met Lionel Ritchie at the age of 8 when the Commodores (the musical group in which Lionel Ritchie performed) would open for the Jackson 5.  They wrote “We Are The World” together.

Nicole Ritchie – Michael’s goddaughter (together with Quincy Jones) and adopted daughter of  Lionel Ritchie.

Paul McCartney – musician, musical collaborator, personal friend.

  • Did three duets with Michael (“Say Say Say”, “The Man”, “The Girl Is Mine”), wrote the song “Girlfriend” (which appears on “Off The Wall”).  Appeared in the music video “Say Say Say” with his then-wife, Linda.
  • For a long time, Michael and Paul were good friends, but they had a falling out after Michael purchased the Sony/ATV catalogs which contained all the Beatles songs.  To Michael’s credit, he did ask Paul to join in with him in acquiring the catalogs but Paul decline at that time.

Stevie Wonder – musician, personal friend, long time collaborator.  They were fellow Motown musicians.

Lenny Kravitz – musician, collaborator.  Recorded the song “(Can’t Make It) Another Day” which was released posthumously after Michael’s death on the album “Michael.”

Marlon Brando  – actor, personal friend.  Paid regular visits to Neverland and spent weeks there resting.

  • Appeared in Michael’s music video “You Rock My World.”
  • His son, Miko Brando also was a close personal friend, Michael’s bodyguard and appeared in his “Thriller” video.  Miko got married on Michael’s property at Neverland.  He was one of the first people who came to Michael’s aid when his hair caught on fire during the taping of a Pepsi commercial.

Rose Fine – childhood tutor of Michael and all his siblings.  Michael and Janet looked after her and supported her until she died at a very old age.

Patti Austin – singer

Jordan Chandler – At the age of 13, Jordan Chandler accused Michael of child molestation in 1993.  Jordan befriended Michael many months before the allegations and he stayed with his mother and his sister many times over at Neverland.

  • Michael met Jordan through his step-father who owned a car bodyshop.  Michael’s car broke down and it was taken to  the bodyshop.  Jordan was notified that Michael was there and he came over to meet him.
  • Jordan joined Michael in his concert tour, together with other children (e.g., the Cascios).
  • Jordan’s father, Evan Chandler, became upset for Jordan spending more time with Michael than with him, and ultimately accused Michael of inappropriate behavior.  In 1993, Evan Chandler brought a civil lawsuit against Michael for child molestation.  The case was settled out of court for $15,331,250 paid by Michael’s liability insurance company and placed in trust for Jordan Chandler.
  • In a declaration filed during the civil lawsuit, Jordan claimed that his father injected him with sodium amytal (truth serum) and put him in an altered state before he first recalled any molestation by Michael.
  • Jordan Chandler cut all ties with his father – and later with his mother, June – after the civil lawsuit against Michael was settled.  Jordan also filed a restraining order against his own father alleging that Evan attacked him and choked him.
  • Jordan refused to testify or give any statement in the 2005 Arvizo trial.
  • Evan Chandler used to have an office in Beverly Hills and worked as a dentist.  One of his patients was Carrie Fisher.  Fisher later recalled the time when Evan Chandler was bragging to her about his son’s friendship with Michael Jackson.
  • Evan Chandler was the co-writer of the screenplay for a Mel Brooks-directed comedy called “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.”
  • Evan Chandler died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in an apparent suicide in November 2009.

Larry Feldman, Esq. – attorney who represented Jordan Chandler.  He also consulted with Gavin Arvizo in 2005.

Gavin Arvizo – born in 1989.  He was a recovering cancer patient who met Michael through comedians George Lopez and Chris Rock.  Michael often talked to him on the phone during his treatments and he also helped the family financially during Gavin’s illness and recovery.

  • At age 13, he accused Michael of child molestation in 2003 which ended with a trial in 2005 – People of California vs. Michael Joe Jackson, case number 1133603.
  • Jury selection for the trial started on January 31, 2005, and the trial ended on June 13, 2005, when the jury returned a unanimous Not Guilty verdict on all fourteen charges.
  • Gavin reportedly had gotten married in 2013.  The DJ at the wedding reception (who apparently was unaware of the inappropriateness of the situation) played “The Way You Make Me Feel” sung by Michael.

Janet Arvizo – mother of Gavin Arvizo.  Testified on stand in the 2005 trial.  Her behavior and outrageous allegations (such that Michael was to kidnap the entire Arvizo family and smuggle them to South America with a hot air balloon) drew strong dislike and occasionally laughter from the jury.  They found her attitude (snapping her fingers at jurors) annoying.  Since 2005, Janet Arvizo remarried and now her married name – ironically – is Janet Jackson.

Wade Robson – former personal friend, choreographer.  Wade was a talented child dancer impersonating Michael.  Michael met him in Australia during the Bad tour and later assisted his family to move to the United States.

  • Wade appeared in three of Michael’s music videos “Black or White,” “Jam” and “Heal the World.”
  • Michael brought Wade and his family (mother, Joy Robson and sister, Chantal Robson) from Australia by providing them with H1-B visas in September 1991.
  • Wade’s mother, Joy Robson was employed in a hair studio and make-up company and got paid by MJJ Ventures, Inc. until she became a permanent US resident in 1998.
  • Wade was subpoenaed by a Grand Jury in connection with the Chandler investigation.  He testified on behalf of Michael
  • Wade was also subpoenaed and called as a witness to testify at the 2005 Arvizo trial defending Michael and rejecting all claims of molestation.
  • He participated in numerous events to advocate his friendship with Michael and contributed a heartfelt written in memoriam in The Official Michael Jackson Opus released by Kraken Opus in 2009 under subchapter “Friends.”
  • In May, 2013, almost four years after Michael’s death, this “friend” of Michael filed a lawsuit and late creditor’s claim under seal against the Estate of Michael Jackson for alleged past child molestation inflicted on him by Michael between the ages of 7 to 14.  The Estate filed its Response in June 2013, asking the court to disregard the petition.

James (Jimmy) Safechuck – former personal friend.

  • Appeared with Michael in a Pepsi commercial in 1987 and traveled extensively with him during the “Bad” tour.
  • In 2014, Jimmy Safechuck joined Wade Robson in his lawsuit against the Estate of Michael Jackson claiming child molestation abuse inflicted on him by Michael between the ages of 10 and 15.
  • Was called to testify or give a statement at the 2005 Arvizo trial.  He defended Michael and rejected all claims of molestation at that time.
  • His lawsuit is filed under seal just like Wade Robson’s.
  • He is represented by the same law firm as Wade Robson.

Thomas Mesereau – criminal attorney.  Represented Michael in the 2005 Arvizo trial.

Tom Sneddon – District Attorney of Santa Barbara County.

  • Persecuted Michael in the Arvizo trial.
  • Michael wrote a song, “D.S.,” in which the lyrics clearly refer to Sneddon as being “a cold man.”

Rodney Melville – judge, presided over the Arvizo trial in 2005.  Retired from the bench in 2007.

Dr. Stanley Katz – child psychiatrist.  Interviewed both Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo and concluded that they were showing signs of molestation.

J. Randy Taraborrelli – writer, autobiographer and close family friend.  He has written the only full-length biography of Jackson’s entire life, entitled “Michael Jackson – The Magic and the Madness.”

Brett Livingstone-Strong – Australian artist, personal friend.  Michael referred to Livingstone as a modern day Michelangelo.

  • Met Michael in 1979 through Mayor Bradley of Los Angeles.
  • Painted a portrait of Michael in 1990, entitled “The Book” which sold for $2.1 million.
  • Michael took painting lessons from him.  The two shared a studio at a Santa Monica Airport hangar where Livingstone still stores several (98 pieces) of Michael’s own paintings.  Some of these paintings were gifted by Michael’s children to the remodeled Los Angeles Children Hospital to decorate the hallways.
  • Livingstone-Strong told a story when he and Michael were working at his Pacific Palisades studio, listening to old Jackson 5 songs as Michael “sort of hummed along and shuffled around” to the music while painting.  Suddenly, Livingstone’s large dog got inside the house.  Michael, who was scared of dogs, jumped on the kitchen counter still hanging on to his painting and paint brushes and would not come down until Livingstone escorted the dog outside.

Nate Giorgio – artist, personal friend.  Michael took painting lessons from him and commissioned several large paintings from Giorgio which decorated his Neverland house.

David Nordhal – American artist, personal friend.  Michael saw Nordhal’s paintings at Steven Spielberg’s house or studio and called David Nordhal personally on the phone to ask him to give him painting lessons.  (And yes, Nordahl did hang up on him thinking that Michael was a crank caller when he first said his name on the phone.)  Nordhal made several large paintings for Michael which also decorated his Neverland house.

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Tatiana Thumbtzen – model, actress.  Appeared in “The Way You Make Me Feel” video with Michael.

  • She was scheduled to be a regular during the “Bad” tour and come on-stage during the song “The Way You Make Me Feel.”  In two weeks, she was fired from the tour after she kissed Michael on stage before live audience during a show.  Michael’s entourage (Frank DiLeo) and family demanded that she be fired for reasons such as “distracting the Artist [Michael] during live performance and unnecessarily agitating female fans in the audience.”
  • Thumbtzen wrote a book entitled “Once More With Feeling,” in which she claimed that she and Michael were in a developing love relationship and she harshly criticized Frank DiLeo for preventing Michael from having a real loving relationship with her.  She was quite unpopular with Michael’s female fans.   After Michael’s death, Tatiana claimed she and Frank DiLeo spoke and worked out their differences.

Madonna – musician.  Both were born in August 1958.

  • Michael went out on a few dates with Madonna but was turned off by Madonna’s aggressiveness.  Michael later recalled his dates and interactions with Madonna in the Rabbi Schmuley tapes. He felt that Madonna was sincerely in love with him and was intent on seducing him (including making obscene phone calls to him and showing him “spanky books”). Back then, Michael found Madonna too vulgar and basically “not a nice person.” Michael did say in the Schmuley tapes that motherhood definitely did justice to Madonna as she seemed to be a very devoted and loving mother to her children.
  • Madonna paid tribute to Michael in a speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Prince  (Roger Nelson) – musician.  Both were born in the summer of 1958.

  • Michael regarded Prince as his biggest “competition” in his musical professional life. Their “rivalry” was often played up by the press (reporting that Prince called Michael a “wimp” and Michael called Prince “gross”). There were no bitter feuds between them but they certainly did not care much for each other.
  • Prince regularly “snubbed” Michael by refusing to appear or collaborate with him.  Prince was invited but never showed up for the taping and recording of “We Are The World.”
  • Michael reached out to Prince to make a duet (the original version of “Bad”) but Prince declined.  Prince said in an interview with Chris Rock that he was not going to do a song where Michael would sing the words to him “your butt is mine.”
  • After Michael’s death, Prince paid tribute to him in his 2011 concert tour by playing his own rendition of “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”.
  • Prince once sent a present in a small box to Michael. It contained some colorful metal charms and feathers. Michael opened the box in the presence of Quincy Jones and as soon as he has seen the contents quickly closed it. He was absolutely horrified and truly believed that Prince was sending him voodoo to put a hex on him.

Kathy Hilton – personal family friend.  She went to school with some of Michael’s brothers.

Dr. Steven Hoefflin – plastic surgeon.  Michael met him first in 1984, when he needed his scalp injuries treated after an accidental burn suffered during a Pepsi commercial.  Dr. Hoefflin also performed Michael’s second rhinoplasty.  His other noted patients were Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli and David Gest.

Arnold Klein – medical doctor, dermatologist.  Treated Michael for vitiligo and discoid lupus.  During his life, Michael regarded him more than a trusted medical doctor, but also as a family friend.  Several personal photographs show Dr. Klein spending family gatherings (Christmases, Thanksgivings and other holidays) together with Michael and his children.

  • After Michael’s death,  Dr. Klein made a couple of shocking allegations and uncomplimentary statements about Michael which made him quite unpopular not only with Michael’s family, friends and fans, but also caused a rift between him and Elizabeth Taylor (who herself was one of Dr. Klein’s patients).
  • Immediately following Michael’s death at the pending probate hearings, Klein shocked the public when he claimed that Michael’s elder son and daughter were his biological children and wanted to challenge Michael’s mother as a guardian for the children.  Later he dropped his claim but kept making controversial comments in the media and in Internet tabloids never fully putting his claim of paternity to rest.
  • After the release of the motion picture “This Is It,” Klein made a petty claim for a few of the clothing items – a green designer jacket and a leather coat – worn by Michael during rehearsals.   Klein said Michael took (borrowed) these items from him and failed to ever return them.  Dr. Klein claimed loss of property costing him several thousands of dollars and wanted reimbursement from Michael’s estate.
  • In addition, Dr.  Klein filed a creditor’s claim against Michael’s estate for unpaid medical expenses which were close to $50,000.
  • Dr. Klein also supported one of his associates, Jason Pfeiffer, in his claims that Pfeiffer and Michael had an ongoing homosexual relationship which started at Klein’s office.
  • During the homicide/manslaughter investigation against Dr. Conrad Murray, Arnold Klein’s Beverly Hills medical office was raided for medical records relating to Michael and the treatment administered to Michael by Dr. Klein and his medical staff.
  • Dr. Klein kept Michael’s medical records under various pseudonyms/aliases such as “Omar Arnold,” “Peter Midani” or “Michael Armstrong.”
  • During the Murray manslaughter trial, Klein’s medical records were admitted into evidence and scrutinized by the defense.  It came to light that Dr. Klein regularly overmedicated Michael during his office visits to a point where Michael appeared high on drugs, slurred his speech and was unable to perform at rehearsals.  Dr. Klein’s own records showed that Michael received close to 60 high doses of Demerol shots over a six-week period during office visits in connection with Botox injections.
  • After the manslaughter trial, the California medical board started an investigation of Dr. Klein, his medical office and his office procedures whether they met the standard of care.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach – Jewish spiritual advisor.  He met Michael in the late 1990’s.  They spent many family holidays together. Shmuley was accused that he wanted to convert Michael to Judaism, but he denied it.

  • Their close friendship ended in 2002, but Shmuley was supportive of Michael’s character during the 2005 Arvizo trial and publicly defended him of any inappropriate behavior.  Shmuley has met Gavin Arvizo right around the time when he was going through chemotherapy and first visited Michael’s Neverland.
  • Between August 2000 and April 2001, while Michael was visiting with Shmuley’s family, he agreed to sit down for candid conversations with Shmuley which were also recorded with his consent.  After Michael’s death, Shmuley released parts of the original recordings and summarized them in a book entitled “The Michael Jackson Tapes.”
  • During the preparation of the tape recordings with Shmuley, Michael candidly discussed his zest for life, his anxiety about death, his fear and apprehension about aging, his religious beliefs, his fear of his father, his devotiong to his mother, his childhood memories and growing up and living as a celebrity, dating, women, his two marriages, his friendships,  his love for his fans and the children of the world, his own children (at that time only Prince and Paris were alive), his playfulness, his love of practical jokes and his plans for the future (which was eventually to shift to film-making from recordings and performings).
  • In 2001, Michael made a speech at Oxford University as part of his collaboration with Shmuley to promote “Heal the Kids” a charity that Michael endorsed.

Jane Fonda – actress.

Henry Fonda – actor.

  • Michael spent a week on set of “On Golden Pond,” which was Henry Fonda’s last movie.  Michael watched and studied Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn closely for acting techniques.
  • During breaks, Henry Fonda and Michael went fishing together wherein Fonda would hook up the fishing rod with bait for Michael.

Katherine Hepburn – actress.  Met her during the set of “On Golden Pond.”

Steven Spielberg – movie director.  The two befriended each other after the release of Spielberg’s science-fiction movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” a movie which Michael adored.

  • In 1981, Michael participated in the preparation of an audio book and soundtrack album (bearing the same title) by narrating the story.  Michael wrote and recorded the song “Someone In The Dark” especially for this audio book.
  • Spielberg once said that Michael reminded him of “a fawn in a burning forest.”
  • Michael and Spielberg’s friendship ended abruptly giving way for many speculations as to a reason.  It was widely reported that Spielberg (who is Jewish) got offended by the lyrics of Michael’s song “They Don’t Care About Us,” which contain racist or anti-Semitic slurs.  Michael allegedly tried to explain his reasons for including those words, but Spielberg would not accept his apology and cut ties with Michael forever.
  • Another explanation was that Michael got angry with Spielberg for not giving him the leading role in his movie “Hook,” which was a different take on the story of Peter Pan (Michael’s favorite story).

Lady Diana Spencer – Princess of Wales.  Diana was a fan of Michael’s music and attended one of his concerts (along with Prince Charles, her then-husband) during the Bad Tour.  Michael gifted her (and her children) a custom-made jacket which had the Bad logo on it.

  • Michael and Lady Diana exchanged telephone numbers and they have spoken several times on the phone over the years.  In the Schmuley tapes Michael admits that he found Lady Diana very attractive and that “she definitely was [his] type” of a woman he would date.
  • The song “Dirty Diana” was not written for Lady Diana Spencer nor was it written for Diana Ross.  It’s a song about aggressive groupies.
  • Michael did pay tribute to Lady Diana in his song “Privacy” referring to her as a friend who had to die because of overzealous paparazzi.

Michael Bush, Dennis Tompkins – clothing designers of Michael for 25 years.  Dennis Tompkins died in December 2011.

  • Michael Bush is the same age as Michael.  They met at the set of “Captain Eo.”
  • Bush recalls that Michael loved China silk, silk charmeuse and stretchy fabrics.  Michael was very comfortable and secure in Spandex.
  • Michael did not wear notable fashion designers’ clothes.  Rather, he wished to be copied for his own fashion.

Frank Cascio (Tyson) – personal friend of Michael since the age of 5.  He became Michael’s personal assistant after 2002.

  • He was a named co-defendant (under the name Frank Tyson) in the 2005 Arvizo trial and was represented by an attorney.  Many of Michael’s personal friends got upset with Frank for not showing more support for Michael during the Arvizo trial.
  • Frank wrote a book entitled “My Friend: Michael” which was released in 2011.   He details many of his personal experiences being Michael’s close friend.  He was around the time Michael befriended and was accused of child molestation by Jordan Chandler (who was about the same age as Frank).  Frank has seen Michael and Jordan many times together and Frank absolutely denies that Michael has ever done anything inappropriate to Jordan.
  • Frank is the first author to write about incidents when Michael would turn to drinking to overcome the pressures in his life.  He goes beyond detailing occasional consumption of some wine from soda cans.  Frank actually recites occasions when Michael would be drinking hard liqueur to an excess and would become intoxicated to a level where he was unable to walk or talk, or he would become belligerent (and would call Sony executives on the phone where he proceeded to curse them out for not promoting his album “Invincible”).  Frank alleges that Michael once thrashed a hotel room while he was drunk and was raging after being told that the police raided his Neverland home.  He also claims that Michael drank quite a large amount of whiskey to work up the courage before he made his announcement in London for the “This Is It” 50-concert tour.
  • Frank claims Michael mixed prescription drugs with alcohol and he says he has observed that Michael was given Propofol as a sleep aid by different European doctors going back as far as the “Dangerous” tour.  Frank claims Michael was late (overslept) for the tribute show that was filmed on September 10, 2001, and was almost unable to perform because doctors gave him too much sleep medicine.
  • Frank also alleged in his book that he and Michael would smoke pot at Neverland.
  • Frank’s allegations about obvious drinking problems and drug use is in sharp contrast to any of the previous portrayals of Michael.  Many of Michael’s close friends were adamant that Michael did not drink and he was absolutely against street drugs and marijuana.   Rabbi Shmuley especially was sceptical about any allegations that Michael drank because Shmuley himself observed Michael to abstain from alcohol throughout the time they were friends.
  • In his book, Frank states that he was not allowed to talk to Michael during the trial because his own attorneys so advised him.
  • Frank admits that he and Michael sort of drifted apart but he blames this on Michael becoming too dependent on prescription drugs, his growing paranoia, distrust and ultimately pushing people away.  He was in Italy at the time Michael died and did not seem to have much contact with him around that time.

David Blaine – magician, illusionist.

Uri Geller – magician, illusionist.  Was a close personal friend to Michael for many years.  Uri Geller recommended that Michael allow Martin Bashir to come to Neverland, spend an extended time with him and make a documentary about his life.  After the Bashir documentary was released and it started a scandal, Michael’s friendship to Uri Geller has also ended.

Doug Henning – magician, illusionist.  Worked with the Jacksons during their Victory tour.

Barry Gibb – musician and close personal friend.  One of Michael’s favorite bands was The Bee Gees.   Michael became very good friends with Barry.  Michael often would visit Barry and stayed at his house as a guest.  In December 2002, at one of his visits, Michael recorded a song while Barry’s son, Ashley, made a video footage of their collaboration.  In 2011, Barry released this song , entitled “All in Your Name” on his own website and dedicated it to Michael’s fans.

Carrie Fisher – actress.  Her father, Eddie Fisher, once was married to Elizabeth Taylor.  Michael was a huge “Star Wars” fan and he met Carrie Fisher through Liz Taylor.  Incidentally, Carrie Fisher was a patient of Arnold Klein, Steve Hoefflin and Evan Chandler.

Chris Tucker – actor, personal friend.  Appeared in “You Rock My World” video.

George Lucas – movie director. Worked with Michael – as executive producer – on the “Captain Eo” 3-D science fiction movie made for the Disney theme parks.

Martin Scorsese – movie director.  Directed Michael in his music video “Bad.”

Francis Ford Coppola – movie director.  Directed Michael in “Captain Eo.”

John Landis – movie director.  Directed Michael in “Thriller” and “Black or White.”

John Singleton – movie director

  • Directed the “Remember the Time” short film.  It took 11 days to shoot the short film not including the dance rehearsals (all of which Michael dutifully attended).
  • Singleton requested that “Remember the Time” would be shot with black artists only. Michael acquiesced to his request.
  • Michael called him “Johnny.”

Gregory Peck – actor, personal friend.  Appeared in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which was one of Michael’s all-time favorite movies.  Michael attended Peck’s funeral in 2003.

Tatum O’Neal – actress. They met and briefly dated in 1977.  Jermaine recalls that Michael often saw Tatum from Jermaine’s Malibu home jogging at the ocean and expressed a strong attraction to her.  Michael would call her “Tate.”  Michael described Tatum as a precocious wild teenager “who was ready to do anything with him,” while he was not.  Michael spoke candidly on camera to Martin Bashir in his 2003 interview.  He described one incident where his shy demeanor and fear of intimacy brought his relationship to Tatum to an end.  Tatum denied that anything that Michael described has ever occurred.

Brooke Shields – actress.  She met Michael when she was 13.  They formed a close friendly relationship, which Shields often described as innocent child-like friendship while Michael described them as “dating.”  Michael proposed marriage to Shields many times, but she wanted to remain friends.  Shields spoke at Michael’s memorial on July 7, 2009.

Conrad Murray, M.D. – cardiologist and medical doctor.

  • Michael met him in 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Michael and his children had flu-like symptoms and one of his bodyguards referred them to Dr. Murray.
  • Michael asked Dr. Murray to become his personal physician during the time while he was to be on the “This Is It” tour at London’s O2 Arena in the summer of 2009.
  • Dr. Murray went on trial for directly causing the death of Michael by administering Propofol (Diprivan) intravenously to Michael and failing to monitor him under the influence of this strong sedative in the early morning of June 25, 2009.  Propofol is normally used as aneshtesia during surgical procedures.  Dr. Murray used Propofol every day during a period of two months to put Michael, who was struggling with insomnia, to sleep.
  • Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on November 7, 2011.   He was sentenced to four years in prison and his medical license was revoked.

Oprah Winfrey – American television talk show host.  She interviewed Michael live from Neverland in 1993.  She also interviewed Michael’s mother and his children after Michael’s death.

Martin Bashir – British television journalist.  He was introduced to Michael by Uri Geller.  Bashir did an interview with Lady Diana Spencer after her divorce from Prince Charles.  Michael allowed full access to Martin Bashir to Neverland and let him film and interview him for over 9 months for a documentary called “Living with Michael Jackson.”  Bashir edited his documentary to insinuate that Michael was a child molestor.

  • Bashir was called as a witness to testify at the 2005 Arvizo trial.
  • On the day Michael died, Bashir made a short eulogy to Michael on television.  In it, Bashir calls Michael the greatest entertainer the world has ever known, and states publicly that he has never seen Michael doing anything inappropriate to any children while he was observing him.

Omer Bhatti – rapper, friend of Michael.  Was born in 1984.  Met Michael in 1996 in Tunisia on the HIStory Tour.  After Michael’s death it was widely speculated that Omer was Michael’s biological son (a love child from a one-night stand with a Norwegian fan).  During his life, Michael himself often told people that Omer was his son, but he ultimately cleared it up that it was just a story that he liked to joke about.  Omer’s mother, Pia, is from Norway.  She also worked as a nanny for Michael’s children when they were newborns.

Deepak Chopra –  motivational speaker and writer, personal friend.  They met in 1988.

  • Deepak Chopra helped Michael produce his book entitled “Dancing the Dream” in 1992.  His son, Gotham Chopra, has traveled with Michael during his “Dangerous” tour.
  • Michael called him a few days before his death and left a voice mail message to him.  Michael asked Chopra to look over the lyrics to a new song he wrote about the environment.  The song was entitled “Breathe.”  After Michael’s death, Chopra turned over the lyrics to Michael’s estate’s lawyers.

Grace Rwamba – long time live-in governess/nanny for all of Michael’s children.  She was introduced to Michael by Deepak Chopra.  For reasons not disclosed, Michael terminated Grace’s employment shortly before he died.  Michael’s children shortly re-connected with her immediately after their father’s death until they got more comfortable with living with their grandmother.

Jay Leno – television host.  Testified in the 2005 Arvizo trial for the defense.

Don Cornelius – television host, creator of “Soul Train.”  Michael appeared on Soul Train many times and gave many interviews to Don Cornelius.  At the top of his career, Michael was invited to perform on the Soul Train award show, but he sprained his ankle.  Michael refused to cancel on Don Cornelius and did perform – sitting on a throne singing “Remember the Time.”

Barbara Walters – American journalist.  Interviewed Michael in 1997.

Diane Sawyer – American television anchor.  Interviewed Michael and Lisa-Marie Presley in 1995.

Diane Dimond – American journalist.  In 1993, while working for “Hard Copy,” she broke the news about accusations of an inappropriate relationship between Michael Jackson and a young boy (later identified Jordan Chandler).  She would spend the next 15 years trying to prove that Michael was a pedophile.

Aphrodite  Jones – American reporter.  Covered the 2005 Arvizo trial extensively and then wrote a book entitled “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” (2007) a story of how the media sensationalized the prosecution’s case against Michael.

Gloria Allred – attorney.  She is known for her criticism of Michael Jackson.

  • After watching media coverage of the Berlin event with Michael Jackson dangling his son (Blanket) from a balcony, she wrote a letter to California’s Child Protective Services, asking for an investigation into the safety of Jackson’s children. She also spoke on CNN about the subject.
  • Michael never used to swear in public, but there is one news footage when he is heard to say on camera “Tell her to go to hell.”  He was talking about Gloria Allred.

Brett Ratner – film director, close personal friend.  Met Michael through Alvin Malnik.  Michael did a candid interview with Brett in which he discusses his career and his private thoughts.  After Michael’s death, Brett released a home video in which Michael is seen singing and dancing in the back of his car while Brett is driving.

Brett and Frank Cascio have been rumored to be working to make a movie together about Michael using Frank’s book for the storyline and Brett acting as the director.

Marc Shaffel – film director.  Being a friend of Brett Ratner, he met Michael and was to produce a documentary and other movies with him.

  • Shaffel worked as a cameraman for Michael most notably on the rebuttal documentary entitled “The Michael Jackson Interview: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See,” made after the Martin Bashir interview and on the taping of Michael’s song “What More Can I Give.”
  • When Michael found out that Shaffel previously was involved in producing pornographic movies he cut ties with him.  In 2005, Shaffel sued Michael for breach of contract and Michael counter-sued him for concealing and misappropriating funds.
  • In 2014, it was rumored that Marc Shaffel and Debbie Rowe got engaged.

Dieter Wiesner –  business manager for Michael.

Raymone Bain – publicist to Michael and served as his general manager and spokesperson throughout the 2005 Arvizo trial.  She reportedly sued the estate of Michael for unpaid business earnings.  Most recently she was in the news for avoiding jail time but being fined for tax evasion.

Joe Pesci – actor.  Played the villain called Mr. Big LiDeo (which was an anagram for Michael’s personal manager Frank DiLeo) in the 1988 fantasy musical “Moonwalker.”

Jamie King – dancer, choreographer.   At age 16, became one of the backup dancers to Michael’s 1992-1993 “Dangerous” tour and performed with him for 17 months.

  • King conceived and directed Cirque du Soleil’s ongoing Michael Jackson tribute world tour “The Immortal Show” using 65 of Michael’s songs, 30 dancers, 25 acrobats, 10 musicians and a 10-choreographer team. He is also slated as the director for the permanent Cirque du Soleil “The Immortal Show” which will be housed at the Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas starting in 2013.

Evelyn “Evvy” Tavasci – Michael’s personal assistant/secretary.

Howard Weitzman – entertainment lawyer.  Represented Michael as his entertainment lawyer through his life and is now serving as attorney for the Estate of Michael Jackson.

Ian Halperin – journalist.  In December 2008, he announced that he was planning on releasing a “tell-all” book about Michael entitled “Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson” in which there were numerous claims most notably one that predicted that Michael had six more months to live.  Shockingly, Halperin’s prediction became reality, but not for the reasons he listed in his book.

  • Halperin claimed that Michael had a rare genetic lung disease which was slowly killing him (a claim which was completely debunked after Michael’s autopsy was conducted and Michael was found in perfect health at the time of his death).
  • Other claims made by Halperin in his book were similarly outrageous and drew the public opposition of the Michael Jackson Fan Club requesting all of Michael’s fans to boycott and not buy this book.
  • In his book, Halperin claims that Michael was gay, and had numerous gay lovers over the years; that Lisa-Marie Presley married Michael only to get him into the Church of Scientology and divorced him when he refused; that  Michael was abusing drugs to the extent that the children’s nanny (Grace) had to pump his stomach on a regular basis; and that Michael hired Dr. Conrad Murray to kill him in some form of assisted suicide (due to the incurable illness he supposedly had).
  • Halperin also released a documentary/movie called “Gone Too Soon” on the first anniversary of Michael’s death in 2010.

Lou Ferrigno – former body builder and personal trainer to Michael

  • Played the Incredible Hulk
  • Had a cameo in the video of “Liberian Girl.”

Matt Fiddes – bodybuilder, personal trainer, bodyguard.

  • Claims he is the biological father of Michael’s youngest child.




  1. Randy Glass says:

    I really like all the information you included however I’d like to mention 1 important person in Michael’s life. Her name is Angelinah Ciccone, a young lady he met in 1984.

    Michael was in “costume” as he pioneered through a Los Angeles mall in 1984. This is where he met this 17 year old girl originally from Detroit, just visiting her aunt in Cali. She recognized him when he was in his “costume” (fat suit) when he sat along side of her on a bench. Being that Ms. Ciccone was a single mother living alone they agreed to keep their friendship a secret because he did not want anyone harassing her and putting her in fear of the paparazzi and neither one mentioned it unless it was in code.

    I am a very close friend of this individual and was invited along with her by Michael to attend his BAD concert in Detroit; October 1988. MJ gave her a kiss on the cheek prior to his performance as we both watched backstage.

    With the passing of MJ she has been beyond “detached” to say the least but is speaking out a little about their friendship.

    His nickname for her was lilttle bit and she called him pookey! Anyone who is anyone knows that if MJ had given you a nickname you were somebody.

    I just wanted to add some additional info. Keep up the good work on your site. I enjoyed it!


    Randy Glass

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