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  • October 24, 2014 10:10 am

Sammy and Michael

Recorded 1989 unreleased

Written by Michael Jackson and Buz Kohan

Performed for Sammy Davis, Jr.at his 60th anniversary at the Shrine Auditorium (November 13, 1989)


YouTube link: “You Were There” live performance


You Were There

Before We Came

You Took The Hurt

You Took The Shame

They Built The Walls To Block Your Way

You Beat Them Down

You Won The Day


It Wasn’t Right It Wasn’t Fair

You Taught Them All

You Made Them Care

Yes, You Were There

And Thanks To You

There’s Now A Door We All Walk Through


And We Are Here

For All To See

To Be The Best That We Can Be

Yes, I Am Here

Cause .. . You … Were … There


[Thank you, Andy Healy for corrections to the lyrics.]

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